VAT reimbursement for foreign tourists

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Are you travelling around Argentina? You have a whole country to discover. And now, when paying for accommodation you can obtain VAT reimbursement for such purchase.

What do you need?

Passport or ID evidencing that your country of residence is not Argentina. Furthermore, you have to pay for accommodation through a credit card issued in a foreign country or a bank transfer from a foreign country.

You may hire the services directly or through travel agencies authorized to operate by the Ministry of Tourism.

No errands or subsequent rebates: reimbursement is direct and automatic, i.e., it is effected when services are invoiced and collected.

What is reimbursed?

VAT corresponding to accommodation and breakfast, if included in accommodation Price.

Other services, goods or products purchased will be invoiced separately and are not subject to VAT reimbursement.

Cancellation fees or no-show fees are not subject to the reimbursement.

Providers authorized to grant the reimbursement

Hotels, inns, hostels, motels, camps, apartment hotels and similar establishments that are accommodation VAT-registered businesses or persons before Tax Authorities are authorized to make the reimbursement as well as travel agencies provided they are authorized to operate by the Ministry of Tourism and are VAT-registered businesses or persons.